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Stress and Defecation
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Stress and Defecation

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Stress and Defecation

How does stress affect the process of waste elimination from the body?
Effect of stress on the bowels

Intestinal motility is controlled by constant communication between the central nervous system, the enteric nervous system and the enteric endocrine system through nerve signals and hormones. Any disruption to the normal functioning of this signalling process will affect bowel function.

Stress can be caused by anxiety, fear, worry and depression and tends to disrupt intestinal motility. Disrupted motility appears to be a causative factor in the condition known as irritable bowel syndrome.

Stress is the body’s protective response to intense situations and leads to hormonal changes in the body that prepare the body to cope with the situation. The colon is sensitive to the hormones released and can cause disrupted function leading to diarrhoea, vomiting or constipation.

Healthy bowel function may be disrupted by stress and anxiety due to problems at work, marriage, sex and divorce problems in the home, problems at school, money worries.

Stress at work may mean a person is too busy to answer the call of nature. Repeatedly ignoring the urge to move the bowel may lead to formation of hard stools and constipation.

Being too busy at work may mean you skip meals or eat a fast food diet of processed ready meals, too much meat and fats, and not enough fruit, vegetables and fibre. This will lead to constipation.


 Depression may cause self neglect leading to a loss of appetite, reduced fluid intake, lethargy and lack of activity, excessive bed rest, disrupted sleep pattern and possible drug abuse, leading to constipation.


How to heal and prevent Bowel disorders

Diet is not about what you should NOT eat, it’s about what you should include in the diet that matters.
As long as your diet includes the correct balance of plant foods containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch your colon will produce the perfectly formed stool. The important next step is to evacuate this stool without straining so that the body does not suffer from the pressures created each time the bowel is emptied.

In order to heal and prevent bowel disorders you need to make lifestyle changes that last the rest of your life time.

1. Include more fluids and plant food containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch in the diet so that the perfectly formed stool will be made in the colon and beneficial bacteria will flourish and eliminate disease causing bacteria and fungi.

2. Evacuate the perfectly formed stool by adopting the squat posture to eliminate the need to strain during bowel movements.

It is not possible or safe to squat on the modern raised toilet seat installed in all western homes and it is impossible to squat for any length of time if you have not done this from childhood onwards. This makes the use of any raised platforms impossible to adapt to.

The SquattLooStool is designed to allow you to adopt the squat posture while seated comfortably on your raised toilet seat.
The single best and easiest lifestyle change you will ever make, leading to a healthier body.