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How to prevent Constipation
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How to prevent Constipation

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How to prevent Constipation

The perfectly formed stool and the proper posture for elimination will ensure total and efficient emptying of the bowel.

Eat the right foods that contain indigestible material such as soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch.

Drink plenty of water and other fluids to maintain hydration.

Exercise the body to maintain muscle tone.

Be aware of other causes of constipation
Keep an eye on side effects caused by prescribed as well as over the counter medication.
Common culprits are drugs containing iron salts, codeine, antacids containing Aluminium and calcium.
Drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease, Antidepressants and Narcotic pain killers, antispasmodics, blood pressure medication and anticonvulsants affect gastrointestinal motility and can cause a sluggish colon.

Diuretics may cause excessive loss of fluids and contribute to formation of hard stools that are difficult to pass.

Certain medical conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome cause constipation.
Constipation is more common during pregnancy and in old age.

Long distance Travel, unfamiliar surroundings, change in diet and daily routine can contribute to constipation.

Over use of laxative medication over a long period may cause constipation.

Ignoring the urge to move the bowels can contribute towards constipation.

Neurological medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, spinal cord injury and stroke affect gastrointestinal motility and may cause constipation as well as diarrhoea.

Problems with the colon and Rectum:
Intestinal obstruction due to Colon Polyps, Tumours or Growths or cancer, colorectal stricture, Scar tissue or adhesions, ulceration and inflammation may cause narrowing of the colon and rectum and physically prevent easy passage of stool.
Stool that is forced past these obstructions by straining is often stringy and pencil thin in shape.
Passage of abnormal or unformed stool should be reported to your Doctor as soon as possible to determine the exact cause.

Adopt the squat posture for evacuation of the bowel.

How to heal and prevent Bowel disorders

Diet is not about what you should NOT eat, it’s about what you should include in the diet that matters.
As long as your diet includes the correct balance of plant foods containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch your colon will produce the perfectly formed stool. The important next step is to evacuate this stool without straining so that the body does not suffer from the pressures created each time the bowel is emptied.

In order to heal and prevent bowel disorders you need to make lifestyle changes that last the rest of your life time.

1. Include more fluids and plant food containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch in the diet so that the perfectly formed stool will be made in the colon and beneficial bacteria will flourish and eliminate disease causing bacteria and fungi.

2. Evacuate the perfectly formed stool by adopting the squat posture to eliminate the need to strain during bowel movements.

It is not possible or safe to squat on the modern raised toilet seat installed in all western homes and it is impossible to squat for any length of time if you have not done this from childhood onwards. This makes the use of any raised platforms impossible to adapt to.

The SquattLooStool is designed to allow you to adopt the squat posture while seated comfortably on your raised toilet seat.
The single best and easiest lifestyle change you will ever make, leading to a healthier body.


The ingredients necessary for the formation of the perfectly formed stool are a combination of Soluble and insoluble fibre in addition to your normal diet.

A suggested recipe that will help make a well formed stool and provide food for the friendly Bacteria in the Colon, allowing the local production of the health providing Butyric acid.

One RAW Potato............ wash, peel and dice the potato, make sure there are no GREEN or BLACK spots on the potato. You only need the white or yellow flesh. Choose a high starch content or Floury Potato for best results

One RAW Carrot peeled and diced

One Apple washed and diced (no need to peel)

One Beet Root, diced (not pickled—avoids Vinegar)

One small piece of Ginger root or half a teaspoonful of dried Ginger powder

Half a Lemon (peeled)

Half a Lime (peeled)

Liquidize the ingredients in a food processor. Add water or Fruit juice to thin down into a juice.

Drink one large Glassful daily.

This Raw Vegetable juice will introduce soluble fibre, Insoluble fibre and Resistant Starch without much effort into your diet and provide the ingredients that will lead to a healthier Colon.

Colon healthy optional extras you can add to the juice to fortify it with other health providing ingredients.

One tablespoon of Barley malt extract
One tablespoon of Inulin powder
One tablespoon of cracked Flax or Linseeds
One tablespoon of Chia seeds
One teaspoon of Basil seed
One tablespoon of Raw Potato Starch

Always add these ingredients to the COLD juice or Water.
Heat will destroy the health providing starch and fibre ingredients of the chosen materials.