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How to use the SquattLooStool
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How to use the SquattLooStool

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 How to use the SquattLooStool

An essential accessory in every bathroom.

The SquattLooStool mimics the squat posture while you sit on the raised Toilet seat in the comfort you are used to.
The single best and easiest lifestyle change you will ever make leading to a healthier you and yours.
Allows you to adopt the Squat posture in comfort.
Eliminates the need to strain.
No athletic or natural squatting ability required.
Suitable for all. Young, old, able and infirm.

The SquattLooStool makes it easier to go---No Straining, No Pushing. Complete evacuation every time without effort.
No feeling of “unfinished business”!
Faster and painless evacuation.


1. It is essential to remove ALL lower clothing in order to create the Squat posture without hindrance. This means all restrictive clothing such as pants, underwear, panty hose, etc should be removed.

2. Try not to wear any slippery footwear such as socks in order to prevent the feet from slipping. It is quite normal to wear bathroom Slippers though.

3. Sit down on the toilet seat with your bottom on the far edge of the seat and slide the two stools to the front of the toilet seat.

4. Lift your left leg and place your left foot into the hollow in the left stool. Repeat this process for your right leg and foot.

Now adjust the position of the stool on the floor by sliding the stools forward towards the front of the toilet seat so that each stool is touching the toilet seat and both stools are positioned together.

In this position the weight of the body on the stools will provide stability and prevent the stools from sliding.
5. In this posture your feet and knees will be above the ground and your thighs will be elevated and pressing against the abdomen. 

Now lean your upper body forward so that your thighs are pressing against the abdomen and the inside of your elbows are positioned on or just below your knees.

6. Now close your eyes and relax. Think only of the job in hand.  Do not strain, push or tense up. Take slow, deep breaths. This will move the diaphragm muscle and compress the transverse colon to create pressure within the now reduced space of the abdomen to begin the process of defecation. The compression created by your thighs on your abdominal area where the Cecum and Sigmoid Colon are situated will compress the waste out.

7. Allow complete Evacuation to occur naturally without much effort. No straining or pushing should be required. The perfectly formed stool will slide out easily. Let gravity do all the work. This process should only take two or three minutes.

8. Once finished, remove your feet off the stool and on to the floor. Wipe yourself clean using the usual Dry toilet tissue or the preferred wet wipe. A bidet would be perfect as it would allow complete hygienic cleansing of the anal area. The Squat posture allows complete emptying of the Rectum and therefore not much cleansing or wiping is required. Washing is the preferred method but a wet wipe is more hygienic and gentler than dry tissue.

9. You are now ready to get up and off the toilet seat. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

10. The SquattLooStool may be stored away out of the way at the back of the toilet seat. Place one on each side of the toilet seat.

The SquattLooStool is no ordinary stool. It is designed to incorporate all the essential features necessary to create the squat posture while seated comfortably on your raised toilet seat.

The height of the stool helps raise the feet and thighs off the ground and press against the Abdomen just above the navel so that pressures created can be transferred into the Cecum, Ascending Colon, Descending Colon and Sigmoid Colon, helping to propel the faecal waste towards the Rectum.

The Hollow on top of the stool at the back end neatly accommodates the heel of foot for a comfortable and stable fit.

The Incline and slope in the stool accommodates the foot comfortably in the creatively designed crevice and creates an impulsive forward lean of the upper body, draws the legs back and forms a “tip toe” posture to aid the transfer of body weight from the buttocks to the legs and help relax the muscles that normally maintain a locked tone on the Rectum and Anus to maintain continence.

The lip at the front of the stool accommodates the foot comfortably, provides stability and prevents slipping.

Cleaning the SquattLooStool

The stool is made from Rigid Polyethylene for strength and easy to slide on the floor while at the same time providing stability when the weight of the body is transferred on to the stool.
The Stool may be kept clean by using normal household washing up liquid and wiping dry with a cloth or Kitchen Paper. 

The best time of day to open or empty your bowel is upon rising in the morning.
Drinking a glass or two of warm water first thing on rising helps to wake up the gut and initiates the muscular peristaltic waves that move waste down the elementary canal and out of the anal passage. 
In the squat posture the perfectly formed stool will literally slide out of the body due to Gravity.

What you eat and how much water you drink and your level of activity will to a large extent determine what type of stool your body will make. The perfectly formed stool is FIRM and SOLID, SOFT, BULKY, SLIPPERY and Banana shaped. It is very important to include foods in your diet that contain Soluble and Insoluble fibre.
You can start by including cracked Flaxseed in your diet.
The best option is to get into the habit of eating an Unripe or half ripe, Raw, Green Banana every day. You will be glad you did.

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